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Welcome to Vourvourou

A place of excellent natural beauty combined of beautiful sand beaches and plenty of green around them.

Greece is known worldwide to be the perfect vacation spot. Vourvourou is found on the middle peninsula of beautiful Chalkidiki, it’s a place by the sea where you can find beautiful beaches, warm Crystal clear water in any possible shade of blue! You will meet a place of excellent natural beauty combined of golden sand beaches and plenty of green around them. Get Wet Rent a Boat at Vourvourou is the best choice!

Diaporos Island

In a very close distance from the shores of Vourvourou there’s Diaporos island,it can only be approached by sea,without danger. It will be a great experience to discover the natural serenity of this island

Mount Athos

Mount Athos is the third, easternmost peninsula of Chalkidiki. In an atmosphere of spiritual peace can be enjoyed on board the magnificent scenery observing the holy land of the Holy Mountain and the crystal waters of the magnificent peninsula. The bad news: If you are a woman you can’t go to the monasteries of Mount Athos. Second, if you are a man, and you don’t have the proper papers they won’t let you on the holy mountain either. So be careful and don’t approach! Just observe from distance!!!


Ammouliani is an island in the Gulf of Mount Athos. It is the only inhabited island in Chalkidiki and is the ideal destination by boat. White sandy beaches and turquoise beaches create a magical setting. It is a paradise worth visiting.


Some people characterize Kavourotripes as the “Hawaii of Greece”.
This is not a single beach as well! Along the shoreline
there are well hidden coves with heavenly beaches that can easily
reach by boat. The Kavourotripes is a place of natural beauty infinite worth to visit.

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