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GetWet offers you a full service for the best price. No boating experience or special license is required!
  • number of persons ?

Assos 450

Up to 5 persons

No license Required

Compass 150cc

Up to 5 persons

No license Required

GS Nautica Open 470

Up to 6 persons

No license Required

GS Nautica Open 510

Up to 6 persons

No license Required

GS Nautica Open 630

Up to 8 persons

License Required

8 Persons Max

Zar 65

Up to 8 Persons

License Required

  • All boats have modern four-stroke Suzuki & Yamaha engines 25/30 hp – 175 hp and are fully equipped with all amenities to offer you and your friends a day full of sea, sun and relaxation!

Why Choose Us

GPS Tracking

Our boats are very trustworthy, they come equipped with satellite tracking system (GPS) so our experienced and highly skilled staff can intervene immediately.


Our boats are secured and equipped with all the necessary safety equipment. Before you get on board, every time we check the boat to make sure you are safe on board.

Feel Comfortable

Inside our boats you will find plenty of space which provides comfort and makes it easy to move around.

Storage & Ease of Access

You will also find storage space and Sun protection using the roll bar shade system. There’s also a lader making getting on and off board easy for everyone.

We love Pets

Pets are welcome on Board

For Everyone

There’s no need for a driving licence.

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