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New to Boating ?
Be the Captain!

No license or experience is required.
It’s that simple! You come aboard and we show you everything you need to know during a briefing and demonstration.

Then you’re off enjoying your vacation, it’s like driving a car, but much easier and more relaxing!

Take a quick view here

  • Watch carefully the demonstration which will take from our experienced staff. Do not hesitate to ask anything.
  • Ensure the safety of your fellow passengers. Wear life jackets, especially in young children and people who don’t know swimming.
  • Secure in special storage areas of the boat your personal belongings. Protect electronic appliances from the sun and salt water.
  • Always have at least a well-charged cell, and all necessary for your bathroom. Hat, sunscreen, light colored shirts.
  • When cruising make sure all passengers aresitting in their seats.
  • Avoid diving in places with many boats. Make sure that the machine engine is switched off and that your anchor has caught on the seabed. Let the anchor rope at least three times the depth.
  • Don’t consume alcohol on the boat.
  • The operations on board are made through the remote control on the boat and there are three positions. Forward (lever upward), Neutral (lever in the middle-position to start the engine) and Reverse (lever downwards, reversing direction of the board).
  • First start the engine and then lift the anchor.
  • Always wear when sailing the Quick Stop in your hand.
  • The boat can sail well with the proper use of the power trim machine. Attention is needed during startup and before the engine switched off , especially in rocky areas and in shallow waters.
  • Keep safe distance from swimmers and in any case not be more than 2 NM from the coast.
  • Be informed by our staff on priorities that exist at sea.

If you have further questions
contact us